Friday, July 28, 2006

Butterfly Cake

This beautiful cake is made up of 80 diapers and all trimmings a girl could dream of. It includes 1 stuffed bunny with movable joints, 3 green safty pins, 1 pink bottle, 1 Amy Coe pink butterfly that's easy for little hands to hold and super soft, 1 Amy Coe rattle, 1 dragon fly clip and 1 butterfly clip especially made for baby fine hair. The trimmings include pink and white flowers, yellow mint pink and purple feathers, pink boa clippings, pink bow trim (around the top), and pink beaded trim (around the bottom). This is a $45 dollar cake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm back to check your blog again and you just keep the great posts coming! Do you know of any great websites that sell diaper cakes. I've seen a few good ones but I think make the best I have seen. You have got a great blog and I will be back to check it out.

9:35 AM  

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